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June 9, 2011

The Pride of Kolonnawa

At the recently concluded military festival on May 27 to mark the two-year anniversary of the defeat of the Tigers it was not the top brass and military hardware that caught the eye. No siree bob! It was the pride of Colombo Doomin-duh Silver on whom the spotlight shone. For the fellow was seen worshipping the deaf sec in deferential manner and touching his alabaster forehead almost to the ground. Alarmed by all this one wag asked why the monitoring MP of the deaf ministry would be servile towards its own deaf sec. Well it’s all because news had been spreading about 7 kilos of  some powdery substance being seized on the orders of the deaf sec, only to be released immediately when the sec heard it allegedly belonged to none other than the pride of Colombo. So now you know. You scratch my back I’ll snort on yours, eh?  These kumarayas really know how to fall on their knees no!

He aint heavy, he’s my brother

And Doomin-duh’s sibling rain-uh being quite the media man did not want his sunny radio station missing out on the story of the day about all this seizing of the powdery stuff by the authorities. So he carefully generalised on the details saying that a Colombo District businessman and Member of Parliament was involved in some narcotic imbroglio. Birdies tweeting around the grapevine say that by all this generalising, brother dearest was trying to divert attention from his muscled sibling and push the scandal onto another chappie with not quite the same build or skin tone but just as annoying to the general public – none other than the bookie-pala himself. What are brothers there for aney, if not for that!

June 2, 2011

Rogue Elephant or White elephant?

The small package of cricketing dynamite from across the Palk Strait the Such- chin Tandoori is being used liberally by  the mumbo jumbo loving Mahin-der  and his super natural White man to advertise the healing powers of nettles infused with magic. But Such-chin seems unimpressed – at least in private. Captain Cool who has been batting all round on various subjects recently was curious to know the Tandoori’s impression of the White man and asked him as much.  What! That rogue! replied the batting whiz from across the pond, his eyes a twinkling. By Isis and so on!

June 1, 2011

The Deaf Sec and the nuisances in the South

The one time European Union top diplomat in paradise the wilsonian one sharing a Christian name with the Wikileaks chappie is not only known for his prowess with a mashie niblik or Spaulding seven iron but for his sparkling backchat. Now in Indonesia and having had a particularly good run on the putting green he was to whisper in his golfing buddy’s ear recently that the things he was told during his tenure in Paradise sometimes made him feel more like a catholic priest in the confession box than an Ambassador. For instance the son of Will confided to his friend, the Paradisian Deaf Sec had told him that he, the Deaf one could not finish the war without first eliminating some Sinhala people in the South. Oopsies! Wonder who that could have been?

Don’t care attitude

It may be two-and-a-half years since the ed was murdered just 13 days after he was married, but the tragedy is not forgotten. A few days after the foul act was committed in January 2009, a saddened and shocked fellow scribe who had met the newly wed couple at the New Year’s Eve revels received a text message from the Deaf Sec who inquired why the scribe was telling him about Lasantha. The scribe replied, I didn’t like Lasantha but wouldn’t wish such an end to my greatest enemy and at a time when he had just celebrated his wedding. The deaf one texted back tersely, I’m different.

We know. That is probably why a UN panel report exists.

NGO Tycoon -falling on hard times

The Salmon eating Nordics better watch out. If they thought Aftenposten was after them look out for Prince picture-lion of co existing fame. He has been lamenting to friends of his lack of funding from the Nordic country and has threatened to take them to courts. This is why he says he has to be silent on such matters as the UN panel report. Some people will only put their mouth where the money is,what!


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June 9, 2011 The Pride of Kolonnawa At the recently concluded military festival on May 27 to mark the two-year anniversary of the defeat of the Tigers ...